We provide every client with specific after-care instructions for your personal treatment, however, these general instructions relate to most cases of laser treatment so please keep these in mind following your treatment...

  • If the area feels hot or swollen, the use of ice packs or aloe vera gel or cream, can help improve your comfort and reduce erythema and swelling.
  • Mild swelling, tenderness and redness are normal for up to one week, if these symptoms persist longer than one week, please consult our team.
  • Following the days after the treatment, you may notice blisters followed by scabbing or a thin crust. Any scabs or crusting should be aloud to fall off on their own. The underlying skin will remain red for a few days to several weeks, this is normal.
  • If pin-point bleeding has occured, the area can be covered with a paraffin gauze dressing to avoid contact with clothing. Crusting may develop after a few days and this should be left to heal naturally.
  • If blistering or crusting occurs, do not pick or scratch the treated area as this could result in scar tissue formation.
  • Protect your skin from the sun for the first 2 weeks following treatment. Use sunblock for 8 weeks after treatment.
  • Keep the area clean and dry. Do not use any lotions or creams on open skin as this may increase the risk of infection.
  • Showering/Bathing is permitted after 24 hours. Gently pat the area dry; do not rub with a towel or washcloth as this may disrupt the crusting/scabbing process.
  • Do not apply make-up until all treated areas are fully dry and healed.
  • Skin can develop temporary lightening (hypo-pigmentation) or darkening (hyper-pigmentation) after laser treatment. Darkening can be worsened with sun exposure. Lightening usually occurs after multiple treatments. Pigmentary changes may last 2-6 months following treatment.

  • If you are still concerned about your post treatment healing, please consult one of our team for professional advice - here.
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